Kanarek Lab picnic. November 20 2020.

Celebrating the HSCI grant and the good weather.

Of course Bory talked us into having sushi.

August 2020 - The Kanarek lab is saying good bye to Anna.

This was followed by ice cream...

July 2020 - The Kanarek lab is picnicing in Cambridge.... 

April 2020 - The Kanarek lab is excited to contribute to the IMPACC study of COVID-19 with support by the NIAID:


April 2020 - Gabrielle's Angels Foundation is supporting our research of the combined therapy of methotrexate and histidine in leukemia. Thank you! 

January 2020 - We are now funded by the Charles H. Hood Foundation. Thank you!

December 2019 - Adam Maynard, Harvard Medical School graduate student (BBS program), joined us.


November 2019 - Nuria Vital, a visiting scientist, joined us.

Welcome :)

October 2019 - our fancy mass-specs are here!


and here they are!

two Q-Exactives almost ready to roll


Summer 2019 - The lab is ready for some exciting science

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