Summer 2021 - 
Andrew at work

June  2021 - 
Anna is back for the summer! 

July  2021 - Lab BBQ.
Catered by local chef Larry Schweitzer

June 1st 2021 - 
The lab is 2 years old now. 

Boy, time flies when you are in a pandemic!


And more on March 2021 - The Kanarek Lab received Boston Children's Hospital Pilot grant with the Lehtinen and Steen labs.

This time we went out to cellebrate!

More on March 2021 - Andrew Culhane joined us as a lab tech.


March 2021 -  Congratulations to Bory on her promotion!

Bory is now a Harvard Medical School Instructor


January 2021 - Margaret Zimmer, Harvard Medical School graduate student (BBS program), joined us.


Kanarek Lab picnic. November 20 2020.

Celebrating the HSCI grant and the good weather.

Of course Bory talked us into having sushi.

August 2020 - The Kanarek lab is saying good bye to Anna.

This was followed by ice cream...

July 2020 - The Kanarek lab is picnicing in Cambridge.... 

April 2020 - The Kanarek lab is excited to contribute to the IMPACC study of COVID-19 with support by the NIAID:

April 2020 - Gabrielle's Angels Foundation is supporting our research of the combined therapy of methotrexate and histidine in leukemia. Thank you! 

January 2020 - We are now funded by the Charles H. Hood Foundation. Thank you!

December 2019 - Adam Maynard, Harvard Medical School graduate student (BBS program), joined us.


November 2019 - Nuria Vital, a visiting scientist, joined us.

Welcome :)

October 2019 - our fancy mass-specs are here!

MS installation 10092019.jpg


and here they are!

two Q-Exactives almost ready to roll


Summer 2019 - The lab is ready for some exciting science


Summer 2021 - 
Andrew at play
(@ Lab BBQ)